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ELCENTRO California, a global mid-priced hotel serving high quality travelers, today announced the opening of its first hotel in California. The 108-room hotel is the latest addition to the California Hotel Group's portfolio of hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is managed by the Hampton and Hilton families. The new hotel was designed by a top-notch design team at the University of California, San Diego and features a lobby with a perfect mix.

In the lobby guests will find a food and beverage market with snacks, toiletries, local goods and drinks, as well as a bar and a full-service restaurant. Fill your bags, "the hotel offers guests a fresh start to the day with quality amenities including an open-air bar, fitness centre, outdoor pool and spa. Rooms include a cooked breakfast, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation for up to six people. The hotel also has a Hampton and offers guests access to a wide range of quality services and facilities, including an on-site spa and fitness area.

The Hampton Inn Hilton El Centro can accommodate up to 50 people in an 800 square foot space and is close to a number of popular attractions including the San Bernardino County Convention Center, California Museum of Natural History and Call of the Sea. The alleyways of Callejone where residents live are almost vertical, and a short drive from the hotel is Dunning - Dunbebe State Park, home to some of California's most popular attractions.

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For reservations, please contact the Hampton Inn and Hilton El Centro or call 1-760-336-2000. On this page you will find many offers for hotels and motels that are not on the market and that are reflected in their current market price. You can also view all the following El centroHotels & Motel listings that have recently been sold or taken off the market.

As one of the leading commercial real estate markets in the United States, LoopNet attracts over 7 million members in total, surpassing Loop's total membership, with more than 1.5 million active memberships in over 100 countries. Loop Net's user base consists of El Centro Hotels & Motels, which specializes in opening up a wide range of business, residential and hotel markets in the United States and Canada. In addition to hotels and motels in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Bernardino County, Loopnet's portfolio of commercial properties includes hotels, office buildings, banking and residential properties, and commercial and industrial properties in San Francisco, Los Alamitos, Las Vegas, New York City and other cities.

Each Hampton and Hilton hotel is interspersed with local photography and artwork that highlights the local history, culture, art and culture of El Centro, California and the region as a whole.

The Waymaker Inn & Suites is a 48-unit SRO motel comprising four rooms, two suites and two hotel rooms. The Coronado Inn is the only full-service restaurant in El Centro, California, that has been renovated and has a occupancy rate of well over 55 percent.

Sun Valley Inn & Motel is a centrally located motel in El Centro, California, a fast growing city. The city is located in a densely packed downtown area with a population of about 2,000, and the city has grown rapidly in recent decades due to its proximity to the San Gabriel Valley.

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You can expand your search for historic El Centro properties by selecting the available options on the right. It would be best if the county rents the space as a shelter for people who are in aid programs.

The 100% Hampton Guarantee (s) is our award-winning loyalty program for hotel guests. Our guests are guaranteed to be satisfied with their stay and will not pay more than 10% of their hotel bill if they do not pay.

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